Mr.Syed Raza has been the accountant of choice for all our personal and business matters. We have had the pleasure of meeting Mr.Syed Raza four years ago when he was referred to us by a friend. Since then he has become more then an accountant to our family. Two years ago we opened our first pharmacy and being new in the field, we heavily relied on his guidance when making financial decisions. From Payroll for employees to book keepings and filing taxes, he has been there for us. I would strongly recommend Mr. Raza’s services to anyone who’s looking for someone to guide them to making a sound financial decisions. I am proud to say with his help this year we will be opening our first medical clinic. Thank you Mr. Raza for the countless phone conversations which you made yourself available for all business needs. You really are more than an accountant to our family.

Sagufta Patel, Pharmacist and owner of Noble IDA Pharmacy and Medical Centre