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10 Red Flags that could Cause the CRA to Audit You

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) sends around 30,000 letters every year letting people know that they’re being audited. While this is just a fraction of the 27 million people who file their taxes, you shouldn’t assume that getting an audit notice is completely random. Your chances of getting audited decrease if you keep an eye…
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5 Ways to Prevent Digital Fraud

Since more and more of our daily activities are going online, it has become vital that we take measures to protect ourselves from digital fraud. Scammers can target anyone from kids to retirees and even small businesses. March is fraud prevention month in Canada and we would like to highlight some simple steps you can…
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How to Protect your Business from Fraud

Opening and running your own business can be very rewarding. You’re the boss and make all the decisions. But is your business safe from fraud? With the advent of the internet and other advanced telecommunications, con-artists have become more creative which is why entrepreneurs need to be extra vigilant. Today we’ll shed light on some…
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