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Acquiring a franchise is a major commitment in terms of your financial resources, time and emotional energy. Choosing correctly can bring you financial reward in the future.

Whether you’re starting your own franchise system, expanding an established operation or thinking about becoming a franchisee, you’re going to have a lot of questions. For potential franchisees, it’s important to uncover any hidden—and unwelcome—surprises in the offering circular like additional costs, territorial restrictions, term limits or exclusivity.
An experienced franchise accountant in Toronto can help manage your financial records and tax expenses efficiently. We naturally tailor our support to your individual needs as a client. Our goal is to offer you expert advice and to identify opportunities to improve your profit after tax and financial growth.
We have proudly rendered our services for many franchising systems namely Petro Canada, Subway, Pizza-Pizza, EggSmart, Olly Fresco etc. and earned their satisfaction.

We offer a complete range of accounting and income tax services to franchise businesses, which typically include:

  •  Advice and assistance in raising and structuring the finance required to initially purchase the franchise
  • Guidance on the most appropriate business structure to maximize tax relief on the up-front costs
  • Partnership with experienced attorneys to craft an effective offering document
  • Proactive tax, finance and business advice
  • Selecting the most appropriate accounting policies for amortizing the initial franchise license and the associated other start-up costs
  • Business support (bookkeeping and payroll)
  • Efficient, cost-effective, reliable audits
  • Tailored internal audit programs to detect and control franchisee abuse
  • Business turnaround advice

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