How to Choose an Awesome Franchise Accountant

Just like any other business, bookkeeping and accounting is an important part of running a sustainable and profitable franchise. Being the owner you probably want to take on this responsibility yourself but bear in mind that an experienced franchise accountant will help you in preparing useful reports, organizing records, filing taxes and can also give…
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How to Protect your Business from Fraud

Opening and running your own business can be very rewarding. You’re the boss and make all the decisions. But is your business safe from fraud? With the advent of the internet and other advanced telecommunications, con-artists have become more creative which is why entrepreneurs need to be extra vigilant. Today we’ll shed light on some…
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5 Great Personal Tax Tips for 2018

1. Claiming Medical Expenses This year you can claim up to $2,300 in medical expenses when filing your taxes. This is a great way of reducing the total payable amount and can include expenses for yourself and your family. There’s no denying that these bills add to your monthly budget but they might also entitle…
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